Business Ideas Evaluator

Bievalo (Business Ideas Evaluation Online) is an attempt to simplify, speed up, and quantify business ideas evaluation, and help me (and you! and more people!) keep track of those ideas.

I am, just like you, aspiring to build my own business 🙂 With that in mind, I keep a small notebook of ideas, and perform regular reviews of those meticulously documented a-ha! moments. And that's exactly where the problem arises: which ideas are good, and which aren't?

I was really inspired by David Tillett's blog posts: the Ideas are not cheap and a rather detailed follow-up, A Good Idea Checklist. (If you go through the quick evaluation, you will easily recognize David's ideas at the core of those questions.)

In the spirit of building products for solving the problems that I would personally want to be solved (which is a commonly-repeated entrepreneur mantra), we have created this app.

We start with a very lightweight, 1-minute questionnaire to give you an approximate (but already useful!) idea evaluation. This project is currently under development, so questions/weights/etc can still change. Share your feedback and come back again soon to see what has improved!